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  • Your one-stop playlist source for rap and r&b music videos, albums, and songs. Watch and listen to new, and classic rap and r&b playlists on-demand.

    Browse through an a to z list of rappers and r&b singers. Select hip-hop music and videos by year, or decade. Hip-hop from 1979 to present, r&b from 1955 to present.

    Can you rap or sing? Promote your videos, albums, songs, or social media page.

    Push notifications are optional. You can choose to receive new albums, music videos, and songs as they are released, or you can turn notifications off.

    Main Features:

    • Watch rap and r&b music videos.
    • Listen to rap and r&b albums, EPs, and audio tracks.
    • Promote your videos, albums, songs or social media page.
    • No username or password required.
    • Thousands of curated rap and r&b playlists.
    • A to Z list of rappers and r&b singers.
    • Tap to switch between playlists.
    • Share your favorite playlists with friends.
    • Works with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.


    This free hip-hop playlist app is literally the history of rap and r&b music on your device.

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